Hello and welcome!

UI/UX designer

My name is Ievgeniia, I know it could be frustrating to read my name but lets try  [Yev-gE-nee-ya]

I specialize in graphic design, brand identity, video editing, user experience, web design, typography, posters design, and social media. In my spare time, I fly my drone over interesting places to capture footage and I edit it to post on my Youtube channel. I’m passionate about software that has intuitive(simple) user experience and clear visualization. I like the process of prototyping step by step showing the workflow of the product. I am moving away from project-based work to a full-time position so that I advance my career.

Speaker and trusted advisor website

Palladium app

Crypto currency app for IOS devices. 

Use case is to add more mobility to a main/home screen. I made home screen fully adjustable by a user preferences: what they want to see first, how they want to see data, appearance of the app. 


Vegan online magazine and store

Play Video

Packing design for dates

Website design

TypeON plugin

Keyboard switcher for Mac OS desktop and laptops devices with extension for Chrome.

Logotype, website design and development, business strategy.

OWeather App

Weather app for IOS devices.

Reusable bags


Merch with branding for souvenir department



In my free time, I am a pilot of DJI Mavic 2 Pro. I always travel with my drone. I have a great passion for editing footage after I capture it. I also create a small clips as a memory for myself and friends so that I like to share my videos. 

Feel free to check out my motion projects on my Youtube channel.